Sep 23, 2017

Play on Red

Formed out of Dean Scala Band and MMM...band in winter 2003 Play On Red hails from upstate NY, NJ and NYC...We are full time musicians with various aspirations and endevours. Play On Red is a way to reach a great number of people in the tri state area with covers you have probably heard but didnt expect...(and that we actually like)....sorry you wont hear much Bon Jovi, Sublime or Skynard, great bands but, we'd rather be Play On Red.....Our shows consist of mostly decide-as-we-go sets (meaning YOU help determine whats next) We jam, play solos, laugh, mess up, perfect, and reach new highs keeping the audience as engaged and surprised as possible....We DO throw in ORIGINAL SONGS as we see fit....and a lot of our fans have come to DEMAND them! Its been great building our rep at hot spots such as RED LION - SESSION 73 - WHISKEY BAR - NARDIS - WOBBLY BAR and recently PROHIBITION.We are looking forward to many more outstanding nights with you all......Come enjoy the ride!

Sample Setlist

Your Body is a wonderland - John Mayer
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
D'yer Maker- Led Zeppelin
Sing a song- Earth Wind and Fire
Too Hard to Handle - Black Crowes


11 Eastman Street | Cranford NJ 07016
NJ Booking License #BW0345700


20 West 22nd St., Suite 712 | NY, NY 10010
NY Booking License #1191570